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​The funding ecosystem is comprised of high quality products that if structured properly can create unlimited growth potential for many businesses. There are traditional loans (bank loans) which include: term loans, revolving credit, acquisition lines or equipment loans, and letter of credits. Although the majority of the deals announced involve large companies and deals originated, structured, and syndicated by the largest investment banking firms, these types of loans are also available to many lower middle market companies, with some differences in the covenants, maintenance, and some fees. Some might even change the name of the loan to capture the specific purpose of it. An example is the revolver credit facility, which can take the name of an asset based loan to reflect the financing of a specific collateral, like accounts receivable, nonetheless, it is important to recognize that the larger deals tend to set the tone for the deal flow across the industry. In addition, there are non­traditional funding opportunities such as factoring, purchase order financing, merchant loans, and many more, which cater to certain industries such as transportation, staffing, construction, and startup companies. Other capital sources include private and public financing (equity or debt). Here are some of the most asked about financing options. Make sure you contact Peridot Capital Advisors for these and other options to fund your project